Alentes | essential details
combines warm with minimal
to offer friendly eclectic interiors.

We showcase object, furniture and
lighting collections with our signature
styling of raw materials, natural colors,
velvet textures and architectural forms.

Quality, handmade, original objects
designed + made by Alentes

Alentes Essential Details

Alentes Essential Details

from graceful details of everyday life
from the gentle honesty of unadorned forms
from the peaceful and the thrilling

the practical as the atmospheric
the quiet yet dramatic
the useful as a standalone art object

contemporary geometries with classical forms
traditional craftsmanship with high-end finishing standards

statement pieces where aesthetics and functionality are balanced
undistracted serene ambience

Alentes Essential Details

Alentes Essential Details


Operating since 2014, with a team of experienced and inspired architects, artists and technicians we strive to materialize our personal values and experiences. Our color pallete is a product of continuous material blending, research and small discoveries. Our finished objects resemble a vocabulary of a simple architectural alphabet. All of our showcased pieces are designed + made by Alentes.


Vassilis Sfiris studied fine art at the Chelsea College of Arts and the Byam Shaw School of Art, and film direction at the London Film School. Christina Kappou studied architecture at Greenwich University and North London University. Deriving from the spanish word alentar, Alentes is an alliance of parallel desciplines with the aim to encourage, to nourish and to entertain ideas and artifacts that recall the feeling of an experience rather than paying a homage to it .


Featuring a design studio and a fully equipped 600sqm workshop supported by professional technicians, our designs are handmade in Greece by our staff and local artisans, pairing crafting artistry with innovative design and personal care. Our products are made to last, selecting high quality materials, thorough development and hands-on production excellence. Our research and design process is an intergral part of our high standard manufacturing operation


cement castings
We fabricate a unique aggregate of stone, marble and cement. Mixed and poured by hand, the objects cure for twenty eight days. They are then assembled and sealed with a protective coating. High in durability, all objects are near care-free. All cement castings come in extra white, velvet grey and deep black colors unless otherwise stated. Slight variations in size and color are due to the use of natural materials and to the handmade nature of our products – each is unique. All cement casting furniture are treated with a specialized matte varnish which makes surfaces non-absorbant thus making them suitable of outdoor use.

aluminium | brass | copper
Only genuine materials are used, as our philosophy values real over synthetic. Metal sheets are hand spun and coated with matte transparent high quality polyurethane varnish. Black metal components are hand spun aluminium which is covered in high quality polyurethane grainy matte varnish.

Our slip cast unglazed ceramics are hand made from high quality white clay. They are all NanoTech coated, thus making them highly water and weather resistant. Ceramic objects are also suitable as pots.

All marble components are hand selected by the Alentes creative team and are hand polished. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Project Curation

Our creative team is highly experienced in architecture and interior design and we work closely with our clients to meet their requirements and achieve the best results. We showcase our full range of products in our headquarters where we can demonstrate in person our design and manufacturing standards.

Alentes Essential Details


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